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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Camp Day Six: Getting Ready

Day six is the 8 little miles of calm before the "storm".

It is the Christmas camp day that when you are out running your mind drifts back to the hard work you have done already: the miles, the sit ups, the push ups.

Then you allow yourself to take a brief glimpse at Day Seven: 30 miles to round out the challenge.
Little doubts float into your brain:
It will be tough.
It will be long.
It will be cold.
You will feel the accumulated fatigue within your body.

But Christmas camp is not about taking it easy.
It is about having a great time with a bunch of friends who share a similar passion.
It is about laying the groundwork for the upcoming running season.
It is about enjoying life.

Tomorrow, on the last day of the year, we are challenging ourselves to run 30 miles.
Some are doing the traditional Purge and Splurge. For all the relevant information on this event check out here.

Another group of us is doing our own version...30 miles on a 2 mile loop trail at Glendoveer Fitness trail. The park location is here.
If you want to log any miles tomorrow, please come on out and join us.
We will be there for a while :-) starting at 7:30am

Make sure you do something outside of your comfort zone tomorrow.
It is a great way to kick start 2009.

Photo credit to David Webb


B said...

Darn. I wish I would have seen this invite before.........I would have come out and done the two mile loop 15 times with you all.

I love trail running, but am fearful to run them alone. I would join in for some group runs if there is room for one more. My marathon pace at the moment is 8 minute miles, and easy long runs are done around 8:45-9. Let me know if I fit in.

Darin Swanson said...

Hey B. We are always open to have people come out and join us. Misery loves company :-)

I will try hard to remember to fire you an email when we head out for a run like this again.