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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Camp: Day One and Two

Christmas Camp 2008 has begun!! Last years posts are here.

Christmas camp is a series of training adventures that is "...meant to be a challenge where like minds come together to run and celebrate". About 20 brave souls have signed up for the challenge.

Running Schedule:
Thursday 12/25 – 12 miles! Ouch that’s on Christmas day…get up early, sneak out for a run, maybe break it into 2 runs. Don’t get behind……

Friday 12/26 – 7 miles! Group Run

Saturday 12/27 – 15 miles! Group Run

Sunday 12/28 – 21 miles! Group Run

Monday 12/29 – 7 miles!

Tuesday 12/30 – 8 miles!

Wednesday 12/31! – 30 miles! Last day of camp! Group Run


1. 150 pushups! You can break them out however you wish so you total 150! These on one your toes baby!!!! Make it happen, learn to do real push-ups not the sissy kind….there are no sissy’s here, right????

2. 25 sit-ups a day. These are full sit-ups not crunches. See the video below on how to do them and do them properly.

So as you can see the bar is set pretty high: 100 miles of running and the "other" is no piece of cake either :-)

The inches of snow on the ground in Portland this year provided Trisha and I with a less than stellar start.

Day One: Trisha got in 6 miles on the crazy Bull Mountain roads.
I got in about 7 miles but I believe I should get extra credit for helping 3 cars get unstuck and make it to their Christmas destination :-)

Day Two: Starting out we were 6 miles behind :-(. Trisha and I met up with Lisa,
Micheal, Ronda, Lynn and Dave at the start of the Leif Erikson trail. Driving there was almost half the fun as Thurman gets pretty interesting near the top. We trudged out to mile 2.5 on the trail and decided we likely going faster if we started to walk. So Trisha and I headed back to the start. The others made it out to about mile 3. We did some out and backs to total the 7 miles for today.

Treadmill time was spent to erase the deficit from day one...another 6 miles that seem to fly by after the snow/ice running.

So what are you going to challenge yourself with as we head into 2009?

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Family of God said...

Man you are a stud have fun and praying that you get all out of this that God has for the both of you