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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Champoeg State Park 10km

Part of my plan towards Boston, I raced the ORRC Champoeg 10km today.
The first mile was too fast but man did it feel good to be racing and to be limited aerobically instead of from some sore nagging ache or pain in my legs!
I tried to hang with the fast 30km women runners Penny McDermott and Wendy Terris. I have ran with both of these great runners in previous races: Penny at Waldo and Wendy at Hagg Lake. There are very strong and are planning to be running in the US Olympic Marathon Trials the day before Boston. Looking forward to yelling really loud when all the Oregon runners loop around at the trials! Today I couldn't quite keep up today but I was happy with my times.
6:22 Finish in 39:39 for average split of 6:23.
6:32 First in my age group (35-39) and
6:32 seventh overall.
Full results are here.

I drove out with our friend Ronda who was also racing today and she pounded out to be first women's master and very close to first overall. All these fast!
Trisha and the kids cheered me up to the finish line which was great!
Other running friends were out there as well: Scotland was fast as always, marathon freak Steve Walters, Beast in his Hagg Lake shirt, and ever present Jeff W from ORRC. I am sure others I am forgetting.

So I am happy that my legs seem to finally be getting stronger and I am on the road to health and most importantly on the road to Boston! Next weekend: Trisha's first ultra race at Chuckanut 50km!

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