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Monday, March 3, 2008

Relaxing and Rumble Running

Since we were up in Sisters, Oregon for skiing and hanging out with friends, I made sure to look up Sean Meissner. I have had the opportunity to run with Sean once before during a Purge and Splurge and it was great fun. We set up to meet Saturday morning so Sean could give me a taste of the Peterson Ridge Rumble race course. One word: delicious :-) I can't run this one this year as it is the week before Boston but in non-Boston years I will really have to give it a spin. We made two mistakes on the run: me not eating enough and forgetting to wear our Black Saturday shirts!

By the time we started running the snow had stopped and there was about 2 inches on the ground. Most of the run we had bright and warm sunshine. I was a little sluggish with my leg and not fueling properly. I really enjoyed the run and the possibility that I saw my first set of cougar prints in the wild!! Glad Sasha was along to protect us.

The rest of the time at Black Butte Ranch was spent swimming, talking or eating...all good times that we will need to repeat. Working the kids hard in the pool with lots of swimming always helps ensure a speedy bed time even when feeding them fresh snow covered in syrup!. We are considering heading back up for Sean's Peterson Ridge Rumble as I think Trisha would really like the course after completing her first ultra at Chuckanut.

I am still fighting some type of bug as I slept most of the ride home and 10 hours last night. Need to get over this general feeling of just being wiped. Planning to race a 10km this weekend out at Champoeg so I need to get the rust out!

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saschasdad said...

Mmmm, snow-covered syrup. I feel left out for not getting an invite to that feast!

Cool cougar pics!

I hope the 10k goes well this weekend.