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Monday, March 17, 2008

EclipseCon Day 1: Goodbye to the board

As I already blogged we started the day off right with a run. I am expecting all those DNSers (Did Not Starters in runner speak) to not hit the snooze alarm tomorrow and be there at 7 am (or noon).

Starting with breakfast and continuing until 3pm was my last Eclipse board meeting where I have been an Eclipse Committer representative for the past year.

As this was my last board meeting, I had a chance to express my thoughts on Eclipse.
I stated that Eclipse has achieved world wide penetration and awareness. We need to ensure the continued innovation and stability that has helped Eclipse achieve this success. Moving forward, all of the various companies committed to Eclipse need to play a role in both the maintenance (Eclipse 3.x) and explorations (Eclipse 4.0, e4) of the future.

I know Ed, Chris, Jeff, Mik and Doug will work hard to keep the board aware and focused on committer issues. Thanks to those who did vote for me. I really enjoyed the challenge and opportunity to work on and with the board.

Then it was time to move to the Eclipse members meeting and Mike M's review of the state of Eclipse.
It seems I love public humiliation with being called out as being in the bottom three of the voting results for committer rep...worse than American Idol :-)
The fun continued where I played a small role in Eclipse Jeopardy before the Eclipse Community Awards. Ed Merks was top ambassador, Chris Aniszczyk was top committer and Eric Rizzo was "Most Prolific Newcomer Evangelist" with Remy Suen being the top contributor.

On to Jazz developer day and Jazz Live! tomorrow....

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