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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

EclipseCon Exercise Day 3: Holding Strong

Another beautiful morning in Santa Clara with 16 hardy souls crawling out of bed early to start the day off right. And Dave S was laying down on purpose in the injuries incurred on the run :-) Some of the runners have been out every morning so far and I believe are planning to make every day!

We "accidentally" ran a little further this morning with the front runners really going the distance and possibly cutting some new trail? :-) We did a short jaunt on a dirt road out into the wetland park to catch a glimpse of San Francisco bay.

Everyone did make it back with a smile on their face and happy to receive the water and towel from the Hyatt door man. As well, I finally remembered to bring down some running goodies: Montrail water bottles, some Nuun samples and Gleukos drink mix. If you were on the run and you liked the stuff fire those companies an email so we can get more running swag for next year. And I know Donald will be working on a corporate sponsor for next year... :-)

I had also proposed a noon run but that seems to be a time when people are just too busy networking or eating. I know for next year.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, so if you have waiting to join us Thursday morning is your chance!

Now off to the highly anticipated Microsoft talk...who will be the secret guest?


Jason said...

Darin --

You mentioned this morning that you want folks to finish up around the same time on Thursday morning. What time did you have in mind? I was thinking of doing a longer run and wanted to know what time I should start.

Thanks again for H20 bottle this morning,

Darin Swanson said...

The idea: have people stagger their starting times based on their estimation of how long they will be out. Generally this is over a common distance with prizes for those who best match their estimated time for the run. We could just target to be done by 7:50 and you pick the distance you determine you can cover before that time?