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Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting to 0.5%...Eclipse has lots of friends

As of today, 111 people have payed money to indicate that they are a Friend of Eclipse. The list is here.

Does anyone else find this number surprisingly low? I think I could even scrounge up that many friends :-)

Lets be really conservative and say we have 100, 000 happy users. Only 0.1% have given Eclipse the nod with some cash?

Am I just in a mood since my running has not been going all that great this spring? :-)
Is it just that people don't know about this opportunity to contribute to the Eclipse community?

For me the items called out to be purchased with the donations are real:
  • Providing more bandwidth for users and committers
  • Purchasing additional servers to host Eclipse projects
  • Sending students to EclipseCon
  • Sponsoring Eclipse community events
There are lots of other ways to give back that are very important:
  • logging bug reports
  • answering a question in the newsgroup
  • contributing a patch
  • working as a committer
If you have not logged a bug, answered a question or worked some code, or even if you have like most of the existing 111, consider indicating a vote of confidence with your pocket book. A small gesture to ensure the continued vitality of Eclipse. Read up here and consider.

Now to get really crazy! I would like to challenge us to get to at least 0.5% or about 500 friends before the end of EclipseCon.
With over 1500 people gathering at EclipseCon...the math is simple.
Please let me know if I am missing something.

Also don't forget to vote in the Eclipse elections which are open till 3pm EST March 7.

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