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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Camp: Day Five and still Alive

Day five calls for tempo work...OUCH! Steve, Tom, Ronda, Kris, Trisha, Micheal, Stacey, Dave, Trisha and myself all met up at the 53rd access to the Wildwood trail at 8:15 this morning.

We did 30 minutes of warm-up running down Wildwood and then Wild Cherry to Leif.
We continued easy from the quarter mile marker up to 1.5 miles on Leif. Then the real work began.

We all dug in and worked down to our marathon paces out to mile 3.5 on Leif. Then back to mile 1.5. I started out a little krinky but things loosened up and was able to average 6:55 for the first 4 miles.

The next 4 miles went better, hitting my groove and averaging 6:50.

The final stretch was another 3 miles. I pushed on the way out but pretty much was done when I hit the line and met back up with Trisha and Dave. About 7:20 pace.

We trudged up Alder to Wildwood with me enjoying a good bonk. Another 15 miles in the bank!

Thanks to Stacey for lending me a water bottle and gels...when will I learn :-)

Now to jump in the car to drive to Bellingham to visit relatives and friends. Should be nice and stiff after 5 hours in the car. I feel a Burgerville stop coming on!!

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