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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Eclipse DemoCamp: Portland

On Monday we had the first Portland Eclipse DemoCamp. We need to ensure it is not the last as I feel it was a great success and well worth the effort to attend and present.

The format was simple: people signed up on the wiki to attend and if interested signed up to present a demo. We had about 30 people show up to watch and present 8 demos. There was a great taco bar to fuel up so the brain was ready to digest the demos.

For whatever reason my VPN refused to work so I had to revamp my demo to be hosted entirely on my laptop. Thankfully Chris G swapped demo spots with me so I had some time to set up for the demo. So I apologize for the sketchy notes / missed demos as I was fairly focused on prepping instead of listening to the demos that came before mine :-)

Chris Goldthorpe, IBM, presented first on whats is new in Eclipse user assistance.

Scott lewis, BEA, presented the ECF shared editor. Appears to be a cool prototype and the ECF guys are working on more sophisticated locking, synchronization and transaction support for Ganymede.

Chris Elford - Intel - demo the state of the TPTP profiler. We saw the threading mode and execution statistics. The TPTP project is requesting user experience reports to get kudos as well as input on where changes are required. Dive in and give your feedback.

Phil Quitsland - Instantiations WindowTester - recorder and test code generator. Apparantly you can try it out for free.

Emerson Murphy-Hill - PhD candidate - Portland State University. Cool (wacky..his word :-) ) take on improving the Eclipse refactoring tools. Circular menu with gestures for refactoring: direction indicative of refactoring - up is pull up, down is push down. Refactoring cues view to remove the menu/wizard interaction for refactoring. Contact Emerson to try it out and make his adviser happy.

I presented on Jazz, with a focus on the process component of which I am a team member.
Don't run screaming from the room with the mention of process or governance with respect to software development. The Jazz Platform is process-neutral. Jazz itself has no built in process enforcing what is done for any particular occasion. One of the mandates of our team is to allow Jazz users to explore, define and adapt their process for use for their team and project. This is what I demonstrated with some simple examples.

Overall an excellent use of a Monday evening!

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