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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Camp: Day Two

We had a minor Christmas miracle today in Portland: SNOW!

Trisha and I headed out for a 7 mile loop from the house after a great Christmas morning. We commented on how it appeared that our second run of Christmas camp would again be without the liquid sunshine of the Pacific northwest.
Then little white flakes started to fall. Then really large flakes. Then it was an all out least for Portland.

We finished with a good long hill back up to the house feeling like adventurers of the North. And, man, Trisha is getting stronger. I hardly turned around to wait on the hill and she was passing me by. Only a matter of time till I get "chicked" :-) It was a great gift to be out running with my wife on such a beautiful day.

Today was also my first run ever with a heart rate monitor. I had fun with Trisha's gift as I flat-lined a few times and I figured out the gadget. I am looking forward to training, racing and sleeping with it on :-)

Push ups and sit ups are progressing nicely but we are both having to work around the turkey and the pie! Speed tomorrow will most definitely be a relative term!

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