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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Let It Snow

For the last couple of days we have been getting a light dusting of snow here in Portland, Oregon.
My son Cole has been very excited about the possibility of school cancellations...he will just have to keep hoping :-)

We were lucky enough to get out for a nice 2 hour run in the falling snow (no accumulation) this morning as a prelude to "watching" the Western States 100 lottery hosted at Dave and Lynn's. Unfortunately no one from the lottery party was lucky enough to get their name drawn this year (there was only a 16% chance). 23 people from Oregon did get in so we have lots of people to cheer for.
A number of the people from the party are resetting their sights on the Big Horn 100.
I am still strictly a "spectator" with no plans to run a 100 miler next season. I am still pondering what I will race in 2008...we shall have to see.

After the party, Trisha, the kids and I hit the Hot Pot City restaurant to meet up with Jared and Michelle for lunch. Nice price for all you can eat, good food and a fun different atmosphere. The kids loved having to mix up and cook their own food in the hot pot right at the table. Recommend it!

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