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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Camp: Day Seven and Trisha's first Ultra!

Trisha, my wife and first time ultra runner!!:
I'm guest blogging for Darin today, since this was really my run. I was nervous about heading out for my first 30 miler, the entire Wildwood trail in Forest Park, but the energy of our Christmas Camp group was all positive as we posed in our 'no excuses' shirts (see bottom for pictures). Stacey kindly dropped us all off at mile 30.5 and Darin and I settled into a comfortable pace at the back of the pack.

Darin was my pacer, timekeeper, photographer and keeper of all things yummy - gels, Clif blocks, fig newtons, and protein bars.

You see a lot of things in 30 miles and we were treated to two sets of decorated trail 'Christmas trees' (mile 16 and mile 6) complete with ornaments, some beautiful holly bushes loaded with red berries, gigantic parrots, rain, snow, hail and a quick round of thunder and lightning.

Besides hanging with Darin for seven hours - a big thanks to Bill and Alex for taking the kids - my run highlights included some wonderful aid stations. Thank-you to the Red Bull, corn chip fairy!

As with any race/run, the last mile was the hardest, but it was all worth it to see Ronda, Steve, Micheal and Beast waiting to cheer us in. No major injuries, just sore legs and a new appreciation for all you ultra runners. Thank-you so much to Darin and Ronda, who, even when I had doubts that I could do this, never wavered in their faith in me.

Hmmm .... do I feel a group hug coming on?
Nah, just more training - Chuckanut here we come.

Darin back doing the typing
Trisha finishing here first trail ultra...30.2 miles.
Looking strong...nothing stopped her and she kept a consistent pace to finish in 6 hours and 23 minutes (12:40 per mile pace).
My favorite quote of the day: "Plain hammer gel tastes like sweet vaseline...ugh!" :-)

The Christmas camp group at the start of the run:

Pictures "stolen" from Ronda's post.

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Kristine said...


Congratulations! How do you run so far and look so refreshed at the finish!!? I can't wait to see you at Chukanut. Wouldn't you love to see the Grand Tetons this year? And why, you could run your first 50 miler! :]

Darin- you guys rock. Sounds like you were a steady and positive pacer. HOpe to see you two soon. Kris