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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Camp: Day Six...Rest and Hagen

Trisha and I took today off from running. But we did keep things interesting and exciting with our quick trip to Bellingham...and the 13 hours of driving the trip there and back entailed.

We now have a little dog named Hagen. Leah is practically loving the little dog to death and is really excited having him to call her own. Thanks Mark, Mireille and John.

We had a great visit with Mark, Mireille, John, Carla, Kevin and Damon.
Cole has proudly progressed to level 62 of his Pokemon Fire Red game...he was hoping the drive would be even longer!

Tomorrow is the big day with Trisha's first ULTRA...30 miles of fun!

1 comment:

Kristine said...

Hagen is adorable! And Leah definitely looks smitten. I'm very excited to be there for Trisha's first Ultra! I only wish I was starting with you guys and not five miles later. I will hopefully see you at some point on the trail, if the end!!! Ya hoo!! Kris