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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Camp: Day Three

Today was the much dreaded speed work out after eating too much on Christmas day!
Great group of Christmas campers showed up all ready to rumble: Trisha, Lynn, Ronda, Micheal, Tom, Steve, Dave and myself.

Nice 30 minute warm-up out and back on Terwilliger road. Hill up, nice easy grade back to the track.
Then to the business part of the day: 10 400s on the Duniway park track.

I was quite happy to nail all 10 at 1:34 - 1:35. Heart rate would go to 165-170 during the speed and then back to 120-125 for the recovery lap. Great way to stretch out the legs and see how the back and quads were doing. Trisha posted strong 1:55 averages for her 7 400's.
Everyone looked strong and fast.

Again we were blessed with no rain for the run. Wish I would have dusted off my racing flats but was too scared to get them wet :-)

Push-ups: easy. Sit-ups: ouch.


saschasdad said...

"Great group of Christmas campers showed up all ready to rumble"

Great track work, Darin, but I'm afraid that using the word "rumble" is going to cost you, as I have it copyrighted under the Peterson Ridge Rumble. 5 extra planks at 75 seconds each.

Rooster said...

Ha, ha, ha Sean....I love that one. Christmas Camp bonus work.