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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Camp: Day Four

For most of the time that I have lived in Portland (four and half years now!) I have been meeting up with Scott and Rick at 6 am on Thursday morning for a run. Always a great way to get those extra miles in early in the morning and catch up talking to my buddies. No reason to stop during Christmas camp and might even make me a keener :-)

This morning Scott and I ran a nice 10 miler...but we waited until 7 am and had a little more light. It was cold and wet with some sleet but what a great way to start the day. We about 6 miles on road and about 4 miles on the Fanno Creek trail. I did end up getting my brand new shoes dirty with some of the minor flooding on the trail. Scott made sure to make fun of me as I tried to tip toe around the mud / water. What can you expect from one of the guys who started the Hagg Lake Ultra race!?

Mid afternoon, Trisha got home from shopping with her mom and we headed out for a 5 mile recovery run around the neighborhood. It drizzled on us but really nothing too major.

I can't wait to feel the tempo tomorrow!

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